nandos-i-desire-deactivated2012: So I was typing in Ed lyrics as URLs and I FOUND YOUR BLOG AND ITS PERF OKAY I LOVE YOUNochnfcid


Unfortunately, this blog is out of use, haaaa, I’m so sorry, I feel really bad now :(

There’s loads of other perf Ed blogs out there though and if you really want, you can follow me on Pinterest! (You’ll find plenty of Ed and lots of cats)


P.S. Your icon is fab.

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Hello to all 809 of you little Edchums!

I can’t believe how many still follow despite the fact I never even come on here anymore (booooooo). I am very well, I now live in Spain and have an incredible life with the beach on my door step and amazing people. I’d say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I feel like I really belong here. this is now my hoooooome ♫ ♫ 

A few weeks ago I flew back to Scotland for a week so I could see Ed in Glasgow! He was amazing as per, unfortunately I didn’t meet him this time as he left straight after but that’s life I guess, haha.

Anyway, you all know me, I can’t make a post without advertising my blog but I would just like to say…IT HAS ALMOST 5000 VIEWS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I always track the traffic sources too and a lot of the views come via this blog so thank you all so much! in case you were wondering…

So a huge thank you to anyone who does read my blog and if you don’t, umm, have a nice Christmas? Idk, you should all have a nice Christmas actually, I’m not discriminating. The Edvent thing is super cool too, loving that.

Love ya, (love you more if you read my blog though obvs)

Lauren aka iknowyouloveshrek


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Anonymous: you are very beautiful Lauren!!

Oh bless you, hahaha! I love you anon, unfortunately we must part ways but your message has definitely made my night :* x

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Reading over old messages, haha you guys were too cute! Bless y’all. I’ve got like a “new life” now I guess, I never really intended on coming on here again. iknowyouloveshrek is the old me really, keep in touch on twitter (@_LaurenMarion) if you like x (I’m not even going to bother putting the link in for my twitter because I’m too lazy, soz)


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Anonymous: fuck yeah free pizza @ BackToSchoolGiftCards(.)com

Marvelous! I am, of course, doing the right thing notifying everyone by posting this.

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